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Ittihad Capital Corporation adheres to a prudent ethical policy which provides the working guidelines for all our products, services, operational procedures, business and investment decisions. With complete transparency and confidence we ensure uncompromised integrity and commitment to the mutual prosperity of our clients, investors, employees and partners. We emphasise the respect for the individual, the environment, the local community and the shrinking world to which we owe a standard of care. It is no longer enough to simply look at the risks and returns of an investment or business decision from a financial perspective alone. Ittihad believes it is imperative that we assess and respect the social consequences of our decisions and investments with the Ittihad Ethical Policy (IEP) as stated below:


We Do No Harm, Support No Harm  

I. We do not invest, service or support predatory sectors of the economy i.e. Tobacco, Alcohol, Gaming, Adult Entertainment, Armaments, and Irresponsible Mining, Energy Exploration, Pharmaceuticals, etc;

II. We do not invest, service or support businesses, individuals or organizations that fail to demonstrate a commitment to social responsibility and ethics i.e. rapacious business models, faulty environmental, social, labour and / or governance practices;

III. We do not invest in, support or engage in Interest based transactions Lending money is not meant to be a profitable enterprise as loans are meant for alleviation of hardship and should be a form of benevolence not profiteering;

IV. We do not support or engage in the use of Debt to increase consumption and / or investment returns;

V. We do not engage or support speculative activity, uncertainty, misinformation or lack of information available to others for corporate or investment gain Thoughtless or calculated hope of financial gain with unfair advantage and without consideration of value generated is a poor basis upon which to build a strong economic and social infrastructure.

II. We Do Good, Support Good

I. We share in the profits and losses of our investments through either Joint-Venture, direct ownership, or partnership structures We are committed to sharing risk and capital with an emphasis on educating ourselves and our clients about ethical practices rather than suffering moral disintermediation common with financial service providers;

II. We act prudently with the funds entrusted to us by our clients and shareholders. If we do not understand an investment or financial solution, it is not for us nor is it for our clients. We stand with our clients and do not substitute marketing for transparency and straightforwardness to enable complete understanding of what, where, and how our funds are invested;

III. We support and invest in enterprises that are committed to developing socially conscious products and services for the betterment of the world we share i.e. Clean Energy, Consumer Services, IT, etc.;

IV. We support political, community and social causes that are committed to improving the lives of others through the protection and sustainable development of social and economic infrastructure;

V. We regularly donate both time and money for the betterment of the communities in which we operate.



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